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Quartz is new to the stone market. Quartz countertops are becoming a popular choice for homeowners across the country and here in Gatineau.
The quartz countertops can provide a magnificent finished look and make the space clean. These countertops are also referred to as engineered stone or engineered quartz.
Despite heavy use, the quartz surfaces will remain in top condition; shining and polished. The quartz countertops do not require sealing, and hence they have a lower overall cost of maintaining them compared to other natural stone surfaces.

The Advantage Of The Quartz Counter

The quartz countertops are not natural stone. They are manmade which gives them a uniform overall appearance. The characteristic makes the quartz countertops become a choice for people who prefer a more consistent patter compared to granite.

Quartz has a wide of colors to choose from which makes it a good choice for the bathroom and countertops. Quartz becomes the best available choice for those people seeking a custom look to match the décor of the home.

Quartz countertops will work well and complement modern interiors for homes and properties in the Gatineau area.

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Quartz Collection

View a sample of our quartz countertop options in our online Quartz Gallery.

Ideas for Quartz